...67% of all current e-commerce transactions FAIL ...
Survey: USA Today
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ICI introduces
Managed Electronic Commerce

According to a recent issue of Fortune magazine, 50% of the privately held Fortune 500 companies in America don't have corporate web sites. Why? They don't trust the manageability, security, integrity, systems, servers, and networks that would host such sites for public access.

The current state of practice for e-commerce transactions focuses almost entirely on optimizing individual transactions. While such a focus increases the efficiency of the interface medium, the overall end-to-end transaction efficiency receives little attention. Integrated Concepts, Inc. can significantly expand this focus by providing full roundtrip optimization and process management for all components and links in the transaction processing chain. Our approach is a two-fold one that includes two closely related-yet quite different-frameworks. Managed electronic commerce (MEC) integrates data, object, agent, process, workflow, and event management technologies to provide efficient, highly available, reliable, dependable, secure execution status visibility, and recovery of self-optimizing electronic commerce transactions.