major factor in ICI's ability to provide shrinkwrapped as well as custom software solutions is our four-year, ongoing business partnership with Computer Associates International, Inc. CA, a world leader in mission-critical business software, develops, licenses, and supports more than 500 integrated products that include enterprise computing and information management, application development, manufacturing and financial applications. CA has over 11,000 people in 160 offices in 43 countries and had revenue of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 1998. As a Value Added Reseller for CA products, ICI offers a full line of CA products and often includes off-the-shelf CA software in custom applications we develop.

ICI has assembled a talented staff of specialists in software research, development, deployment and integration that is unparalleled for the size of the company. Our staff believes that large software companies typically are more adept at developing and selling off-the-shelf software than providing the close working relationships required to establish true solutions for business. ICI understands that successful implementation of large software systems requires an understanding of software package capabilities, and the skills and disciplined methodology to develop the most cost-effective solution. That is why our business partner, CA, named ICI "Outstanding Unicenter Reseller of the Year" for the past two years. Our professionals are particularly skilled in integration of technologies required to optimize the use of legacy, off-the-shelf, and emerging software solutions. Accordingly, ICI provides technical consultants with industry experience in many business sectors to determine solutions for most installed or remotely managed systems.

As the Internet, Desktop and Client Server computing have been deployed for business use, they have also become essential for organizational operations. Complexity of today's IT systems and infrastructures—consisting of several platforms, networks, and databases in multiple locations; a legion of product vendors; and ever-present budgetary constraints—create seemingly unmanageable systems and technologies. Integrated Concepts provides the disciplined consulting, needs analysis, architecture design, software development, software deployment, and systems integration technologies to upgrade and manage IT organizations that mirror and support the business practices of customer organizations.

For the enterprise management solution, ICI engineers start with a complete system audit of current computational infrastructures, including mainframe, server, desktop, and networking environments. The needs analysis will determine current effectiveness of an organization's infrastructure, and determine what is essential to achieve effective use of legacy, current, and new system technologies and trends. Results of this audit gives organizations insight into their business needs, and where their technology focus should be. Typically, our enterprise management solutions center on the use of CA's Unicenter TNG product.