The system supports your need

ICI's help continues past implementation, with support that gives you the critical management controls you need to keep your systems and networks running smoothly and reliably. ICI delivers on:

Security management. We can assist you in maintaining access to sensitive data as well as auditing the activity of secured resources and monitoring security violations on your systems.

Event management. We can implement processes that perform routine maintenance, such as backup scheduling, process management and large report processing.

Tape and file management. We implement processes that will protect, control and manage your tape resources.

Workload management. We can introduce CPU management capabilities that can keep your operations fluid and flexible.

Problem management. Our management of user- and system-related problems and questions can ensure proper handling and efficient resolution of problems.

Telecommunication management. We can assist you in monitoring and maintaining your telecommunications systems, tracking usage and connectivity to remote servers as well as telecommunication lines uptime.

Electronic Desktop Management. We will help you track and manage configurations, software licenses and hardware requirements.