he two principal growth strategies related to ICI's February, 1998, establishment of Product Development department are: 1) the capability to provide customized proprietary software solutions for enhancement and expansion of the functionality of platform software products that it markets to ICI clients, and to further leverage sales revenues by building these solutions into software products that can be resold into a larger client base; and 2) the successful procurement of technological government sector grants for commercial companies, consortiums and universities. Product Development's target markets include customers in the oil and gas industry, healthcare industry, and electronic commerce industry.

ICI's unique integration concept is to create product-line architectures for vertically integrated market segments, and to develop full solutions in these markets by exploiting the capabilities of its major supplier's products, such as Computer Associates' (CA) Unicenter-TNG network management system, and CA's Opal object-oriented database. ICI's market strategy is to penetrate vertical market segments through initial development of unique solutions, then exploit the knowledge gained from developing the unique solution torepresent the architecture of generic installations within that particular market segment.

The management of ICI is aware that the initial success of a large number of successful software development companies has historically been characterized by as much as 50% to 70% of their business coming from software development contracts with the United States government. ICI is well positioned to successfully follow this same course and has already realized initial success with a large pipeline of many other potential engagements.

The Company believes that the development of the Product Development department uniquely positioned ICI to develop and install customized object based agent solutions in conjunction with the outstanding enterprise management and internet commerce related product lines of CA. ICI is well positioned for continued service expansion and marketing presence in the profitable business sectors of Internet technologies, electronic commerce and development of proprietary software.