AimIT is a comprehensive solution for managing computing assets throughout a networked environment. AimIT provides system-wide policy-based management by combining ease-of-use with advanced functionality, including automated hardware and software inventory, configuration management, advanced scripting tools, extensive reporting, software metering and auditing.
ARCserve protects your most critical business asset data. This world leader in backup/restore technology delivers record-breaking performance, easy administration, and unsurpassed reliability to protect your servers and attached workstations. An extensive suite of options offer additional client/server support, enhanced performance and automation, online backup of business applications, and fast disaster recovery. ARCserve provides the capabilities your business needs to meet its changing data protection requirements.
CryptIT is an advanced data encryption solution that safeguards your business information against potential intrusion. Should your critical information fall into the wrong hands, CryptIT keeps private and secure by automatically and transparently encrypting data whenever it is sent over a TCP/IP network.
DirectIT provides easy and cost-efficient central administration of directory objects across a network of multiple directory types and environments. This solution provides end-to-end management across geographically dispersed directories through a single user interface.
DoubleIT provides additional bandwidth and optimizes performance by automatically and transparently compressing data across your entire network. As computing power increases, network performance becomes increasingly reliant on available bandwidth. Additional network hardware and increased wide-area links are often too cost-prohibitive to be viable solutions.
GuardIT is a firewall solution that controls network access to protect your systems. With easy-to-use centralized management, GuardIT secures your network based on a wide range of criteria, including designated applications, network services, source and target addresses, and more. GuardIT has the performance, manageability, and protection you need to guard all your networked systems.
InoculateIT with InocuLAN 4, the leading antivirus solution for Windows NT networks, offering unmatched enterprise management and virus protection. Exclusive features of InocuLAN 4 include Real-Time Cure, Universal Manager, Virus Wall, Virus Quarantine, Hands-Free Updates, Extensive Alerting options, Support for Windows NT 4.0 and virus protection for Internet downloads and e-mail attachments.
NetworkIT Pro delivers a powerful centralized management solution for distributed networks. Through policy-based management, NetworkIT Pro aligns service levels with business objectives to provide ongoing availability, optimal performance, and management of networks in a business context.
ProtectIT is a comprehensive data security solution for distributed heterogeneous IT environments. The combination of ProtectIT's policy-based security access controls, single sign-on to enterprise-wide network applications, and a central Windows-based management console makes securing your enterprise easier and more efficient than ever before.
ServiceIT is a complete, knowledge-based help desk solution that empowers you to quickly resolve problems, manage your assets, and achieve the highest level of productivity. With support for Windows NT and Web-based environments, this comprehensive solution improves customer satisfaction, increases availability, and reduces operational costs by minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
ShipIT provides hands-free automated distribution, installation, and upgrades of software applications, operating systems, and files. Providing the broadest support for platforms and advanced distribution techniques, this scalable solution offers comprehensive, world-class software administration.