re you faced with servicing a growing user base with limited IT resources while also trying to improve performance reliability? Then you should consider an integrated enterprise management solution that could provide cost efficiencies by reducing your staff's time in performing such repetitive or routine tasks as backup and restore, system setup and upgrades, password administration, virus detection and purging.

The right integrated enterprise management solution can even enable you to oversee all of your company's disparate systems and networks from a business process perspective. Among the many advantages this provides is a visual representation of business processes along with immediate information on the health of mission-critical processes. For example, some organizations may view payroll, billing and video conferencing independently even if they share the same physical IT resources.

Enterprise-oriented IT solutions can deliver huge competitive advantages to your organization.

And an experienced independent consulting organization like Integrated Concepts, Inc. can help you determine your needs and how best to preserve your current information technology investments while preparing your company for today's — and tomorrow's — IT-intensive marketplace.