ICI approaches the subject of training aggressively by giving employees support at multiple levels. For technicians seeking specialized certifications to maximize the value of their services, we pay for all expenses required (tuition, travel, and testing) to certify them for proficiency on the technologies of ICI vendor partners. These certifications include technical areas for products developed by Computer Associates, Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco.

We also provide tuition reimbursement programs for employees seeking higher education degrees or concentrated studies that may confer Continued Education Units (CEUs). Due to the intense commitment of time to these programs, ICI has a history of responding to employees with this commitment through flexible work schedule arrangements as necessary.

Finally, we recognize the great value that the latest and most current conferences and seminars provide to employees in staying abreast of their particular field. As a result, we actively encourage and support the attendance of employees to these events by granting time off to attend and partial financial support.