ICI develops extensive agent-based technology to support the integration requirements of our customers. These requirements span enterprise management, workgroup management, and information integration issues. To meet these requirements, ICI is exploiting research results in the context of industrial strength computational environments that provide robust solutions.

To support enterprise and workgroup integration issues, ICI develops UniCenter compliant agents. ICI has developed agents for monitoring of medical pharmaceutical administration, correlation agents, and agents for the monitoring of telemetry during oil drilling, and oil field operations.

To meet the requirements for enterprise data integration, ICI develops intelligent agents that are capable of performing semantic integration of heterogeneous legacy data.

Agent Installation and Integration
Unicenter Agents
Installation and integration of Unicenter agents is a straightforward task. When installing your custom agent(s), ICI will:

  • Install the AgentWorks Services
  • Install your agent executable
  • Install your agent MIB definition
  • Install your agent configuration files
  • Load your agent's MIB definition and configuration files into Object Store
  • Setup your system for foreground and background processing
  • Install your agent as an operating system service

Following installation, ICI engineers will integrate your agent(s) with data sources and configure all operating system variables required to understand the location, data flows, and actions of your agent. Following agent testing, ICI will provide a detailed document package to you describing the architecture, configuration files, and integration requirements for your agent.

Intelligent Agents
Agent Software Development
ICI develops Unicenter agents that communicate with management applications using SNMP. Within the Unicenter TNG architecture, those management applications include WorldView and third-party applications at the Enterprise Management level.

A scalable, multi-platform Manager/Agent architecture forms the foundation for the management functions of Unicenter TNG. Unicenter TNG managers and agents can be deployed in any configuration, with many-to-many relationships. Thus, a manager can manage many agents and an agent can be managed by many managers. Agents built by third-parties, as well as CA, are portable across platforms and offer flexibility in communicating with managers. In addition, agents built with the Unicenter TNG SDK can be deployed in an Intranet or Internet environment, enabling the management of complex environments.

ICI's typical agent development cycle will include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Requirements Definition
  • Design of your agent
  • Defining the Management Information Base that will represent the resource objects you want to instrument
  • Coding your agent
  • Configuring your agent
  • Testing your agent
  • Installing your agent in your TNG environment