s a Value Added Reseller (VAR), ICI is strategically positioned as a single source solutions provider that is nationally renowned for its ability to sell, implement and service the flagship products of CA, and is one of the few software producers in the world with a demonstrable expertise in object oriented software development as it applies to the following growth markets: Internet Technology, Object Oriented Software Technology and Agent based systems.

Several of those products that ICI represents as a value-added reseller:

Unicenter TNG addresses today’s most pressing IT management challenges through a tightly integrated set of core solutions. The breadth of these management solutions and their ability to work together delivers true end-to-end management of the environment and sets Unicenter TNG apart from other enterprise management offerings. Unicenter TNG's ability to manage the entire enterprise from a business process perspective renders it the industry’s only practical solution for today’s unwieldy environments. In fact, Unicenter TNG is widely recognized as the de facto standard for enterprise management.

IT Family of Products
Jasmine is the first and only industrial-strength, pure object database that features a fully integrated multimedia development environment and the openness to integrate with existing applications and data. With Jasmine, developers can create an application once and deploy it without change, easily across the Internet, intranet, extranet or client/server configurations. Jasmine is an integral part of Computer Associates' Harmony strategy, a comprehensive information infrastructure that allows organizations to exploit new technologies while integrating existing applications and data sources.
Opal modernizes legacy applications while seamlessly integrating applications across multiple platforms and architectures. With Opal, organizations can apply a creative, easy-to-use, modern user interface — without changing proven business code. Opal increases the value of existing applications by extending their useful life and streamlining business processes. Opal is an integral part of Computer Associates’ Harmony™ family, a comprehensive information management strategy that allows organizations to exploit new technologies while integrating existing applications and data sources.
Ingres II provides powerful support for enterprise systems, all the tools necessary to create an endless variety of applications, and the power to access all corporate data across a network or from any ODBC-compliant application. Distributed computing is a simple task with advanced replication, connectivity and access to all relational and pre-relational data through the enterprise data access options. With Internet commerce capabilities, and a unique application development environment—OpenROAD 4.0, Ingres II offers solutions for exploiting new technologies while integrating existing applications and data sources—anywhere, anytime.
Counterpoint provides all the tools you need to manage your business successfully — point-of-sale checkout, inventory management, customer tracking, purchasing, labeling, apparel, sales history, employee clock-in/clock-out, credit card processing, serial/lot tracking, kit processing, order processing, receivables, open-to-buy, email, graphing, and more.
WebDeploy:WorkFlow (WDWF) is an advanced Web-centric object-oriented workflow system that helps your organization easily build and deploy Workflow over your intranets, extranets and the global Internet. Using the latest in Object Database, WWW connectivity, and Java applets, every user that has a Web Browser can participate in workflows. WDWF supports distributed workflow through CORBA-IIOP. With WDWF you have an open and extensible workflow solution. Users and Groups can participate in workflows, as can distributed servers and services and client applications. Any application document can be workflow enabled. Moreover, being a Web-centric object-oriented database application, WDWF can be easily extended and customized to fit your needs.