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2nd Generation E-Commerce Products for Point-of-Sale, Back Office and Corporate Management Designed to End Transaction Failure Problem

CA WORLD - 1999 Conference & Exposition, NEW ORLEANS, LA.; July 20, 1999 -- Integrated Concepts, Inc. (ICI), Booth # 239, today unveiled its strategy for advanced electronic commerce, called "Managed E-Commerce.TM" This end-to-end e-commerce solution is designed to solve the problem of transaction failure, which plagues 67% of all current e-commerce transactions, according to USA Today. Transaction failure is defined as a mishandled transaction involving the breakdown or non-completion of a transaction due to invalid data, system failures and/or lack of authentication and clearing of the transaction by the involved financial institutions. ICI's "Managed E-Commerce" system administers the transaction process from point of sale to payment clearance at the commercial clearinghouses, managing each transaction to completion.

Add 1 - Integrated Concepts Announces E-Commerce Strategy

"ICI has already established our strong position as Computer Associates' leading solutions partner. Now, we're leveraging that advantage to expand into our own line of software for electronic commerce applications," said Chris Russell, President of ICI. "Our 'Managed E-Commerce' suite solves the major problem of the current e-commerce environment: namely, transaction failure. Over 67% of e-commerce transactions fail. ICI's 'Managed E-Commerce" products insure the completion of every transaction. We take transactions from order submission to financial settlement by the clearinghouses. We also provide redundant and alternative transaction routing to assure that the purchase is completed to everyone's satisfaction," Russell said.

ICI is a Dallas-based computer and software systems integrator. ICI markets to middle-market ($10 -$250 Mil) and Fortune-1000 companies, and to large banks, universities, hospitals and professional medical groups. ICI is an award winning, licensed distributor and servicing agent for several leading, independent developers of Enterprise Management software such as Computer Associates International, and Microsoft, and is an authorized reseller for most major brands of computer hardware and telecommunications router equipment.

ICI's "Managed E-Commerce" (MEC) solution comprises a suite of integrated applications for the point-of-sale, back office activities, Web site and corporate management. Together, these applications provide a seamless, end-to-end system for managing the electronic commerce process. At CA World, ICI is demonstrating its "ePOSS," "eBOSS," and "eCORP", and "eCOMM" modules. "eCOMM" is ICI's currently-available Web site development and hosting capabilities. ICI has a full staff of Web designers, programmers and Webmasters who can conceive, implement and manage a customer's Web site, including e-commerce functions, on an outsourced basis. These solutions can be provided with fixed functionality, within a fixed timeframe at a fixed cost. ICI's "Managed E-Commerce" products are being developed using a number of CA's products including the Unicenter TNG, Jasmine object-oriented database and Opal, CA's legacy application modernization mechanism.

The ICI exhibit is set up to resemble a retail store, with ICI promotional merchandise available for "sale." Visitors to the booth will be welcomed to the ICI Store. Then, they'll be allowed to "browse" the ICI merchandise (baseball caps, tee shirts and CD holders), after which they'll participate in a demonstration of ICI's electronic commerce capabilities. After the demos, the "customers" will be allowed to "purchase" an ICI promotional item of their choice by swiping their attendee badge (with contact information), just like using a credit card.

Add 2 - Integrated Concepts Announces E-Commerce Strategy

Also, ICI was named today as Computer Associates International (CA) "Solutions Partner of the Year." ICI is the first winner of this new award, which honors CA's top performing systems integrator of CA products. Previously, ICI was honored as CA's "Outstanding Unicenter Reseller of the Year" in both 1997 and 1998. Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA) is a world leader in mission-critical business computing, providing software, support and integration services in more than 100 countries around the world.

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Integrated Concepts (ICI) is an Addison, Texas-based computer systems integrator and software developer, providing a range of products and services from cabling to enterprise management to custom security solutions and beyond. ICI recently announced its new Internet/electronic commerce strategy with the introduction of the prototype version of its "Managed Electronic Commerce" suite of e-commerce applications. The company also designs, hosts and manages Internet Web sites for a variety of companies.

Since its inception in 1990, ICI has developed a national reputation as a reliable designer and implementer of solutions and systems which allow its customers to add advanced hardware or software without jeopardizing existing investments in the customer's information systems. ICI has distinguished itself for its ability to analyze and manage the requirements associated with complex client systems in multiple sites. The Company's customers are located primarily in the Southwest, and include middle-market to Fortune-1000 companies, large banks, universities, hospitals and professional medical groups.

ICI is an award winning, licensed distributor and servicing agent for several leading, independent developers of Enterprise Management software such as Computer Associates International, and Microsoft. The company has additional strategic partnerships with leading vendors such as Candle, Cisco, and Novell. It is an authorized reseller for most major brands of computer hardware and telecommunications router equipment. ICI provides certified technicians for Microsoft, CA-Unicenter, Cheyenne, Cytrix, Novell, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and many other support products for mainframe and client/server applications. The company maintains a fully staffed help-desk support team for its clients, and employs trained programmers for Internet web site construction.

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Add 3 - Integrated Concepts Announces E-Commerce Strategy


Integrated Concepts, Inc. unveiled its 2nd generation e-commerce solution: "Managed E-Commerce." Following are the components of MEC and a brief description of their capabilities:

ePOSSElectronic Point of Sale System: provides sales floor security, transaction encryption, and authentication, non-repudiation of data, personnel time clock management, employee shift reports, advanced cash register functionality, product inventory and price lookup, discount management, frequent buyer management, "X" and "Z" summary reports, touch screen capability.
eBOSSElectronic Back Office Software System: an information consolidation system providing store-level, division-level and corporate level reports on sales, inventory, purchase orders, merchandise receiving, cash management and time accounting. It also manages customer information, vendor information, transaction data, and distribution and merchandise transfers.
eCORPElectronic Corporate Overview: a total corporate perspective on your business scene, incorporating contact management functions (for employees, customers and suppliers), sales management (Hot and Cold reports, transaction reporting (by store, item, or department) and sales comparison reports (by day, week, quarter, year, or more)
eCOMMElectronic Commerce Web Sites: using CA's "JasmineTM" object-oriented server software, ICI designs commercial-grade web sites capable of handling transaction rates for the world's largest enterprises. Service includes needs analysis, site design, online catalog design, content consulting, site development (incl. HTML coding), marketing consulting, site/system testing. Capabilities include secure server setup and management, order notification, online credit-card processing, corporate image and investor presentations, audio/ video clips, Virtual Reality imaging, data transfer from previous site(s)


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