Integrated Plans CA World ECommerce Assault

By Steven Burke New Orleans 3:50 PM EST Fri., July 16, 1999 -- Integrated Concepts Inc., Computer Associates International Inc.'s top VAR for the past three years, is using the annual CA-World conference here to unveil a customizable E-commerce solution suite it is betting will put an end to costly E-commerce failures.

Integrated Concepts is using the fixed-price, fixed-time and fixed-product functionality model in the E-commerce market that has propelled huge sales growth in the traditional client/server systems integration market.

The new Integrated Concepts Managed Electronic Commerce (MEC) product line, which is based on CA's Jasmine object-oriented database and CA's Unicenter TNG network management product, includes an eComm line that provides clients with a full E-commerce presence on the Web including shopping cart, credit card back end and catalog capabilities within 60 days or less at a price of $55,000 to $96,000. An eComm Pro Pack module that provides only a Web presence is priced at $1,800 to $26,000.

Integrated Concepts also is announcing at the show it has inked deals for the MEC suite to be sold by CompuCom Systems Inc., Dallas; Candle Corp., a $400 million network and services integrator based in Santa Monica, Calif.; and Evesta, an Internet service and solutions provider based in Englewood, Colorado. Integrated Concepts is aiming to sign up as many as 50 partners by the end of the year.

"We are overcoming the known and deeply understood limitations of the Internet and the World Wide Web using distributed object technology and a management framework that employs SNMP agents to communicate process context to legacy enterprise management tools and environments," said Integrated Concepts Chief Technology Officer Erik Mettala.

The MEC suite takes the transaction every step of the way from the Web based front end or point-of-sale system to a common back-office solution to a corporate office resource planning solution, which maintains inventory and general ledger accounts. It also takes the transaction to authenticating banks and then to clearing banks. The MEC product suite includes an ePoss (Internet-based Electronic Point of Sale System); an eBoss (Electronic Back Office System); and an eCorp (Electronic Corporate Suite Management System).

The Integrated Concepts product line rollout is one of many announcements to come from CA-World, including a stepped-up E-commerce sales push from CA's Global Services group; a wireless extension for Unicenter TNG from PageNet; additional Linux support from CA; and a detailed product road map from CA management pertaining to the company's $3.5 billion acquisition of Platinum Technology International. CA also is launching a completely new VAR program called VIP that includes a Business Solution Provider (BSP) program for channel partners selling CA's Workgroup Edition and Advanced Edition Solutions and an Enterprise Solution Provider (ESP) program for channel partners selling CA's Enterprise Edition and Unicenter TNG solutions.

Integrated Concepts executives claim the end-to-end MEC solution will solve the problem a number of clients have had attempting to get E-commerce sites up and running. They said many companies have spent thousands of dollars on consulting and products without getting any closer to doing E-business. "I think there are about 2 percent of the companies out there actually doing E-commerce and 98 percent that are wanna-bes and wish they could do it," said Integrated Concepts Executive Vice President of Sales Joe Sexton. "Fifty percent of the Fortune 500 private companies do not even have a Web site. This is a huge opportunity."

Integrated Concepts' Mettala is optimistic about CA's channel program and the CA technology, which is at the heart of the MEC suite. He believes the MEC suite is helping to break new ground in the exploding E-commerce market.